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 Hellooooo all you beautiful readers!, Alrighty so for those of you that read my last post, your about to find out my new blogging topic.

Are you ready?

Drumroll pleaseeeeee…


everything from new fashion trends to filling in your eyebrows.

Imma try to fin every little thing i know into this. I plan on doing something like this for a living so pleaseeee if you guys can comment below and let me know what you guys think. Im open to any advice that will help me improve. Hoepfully this will be a learning experience for both of us. Okay well onto the actual blog update.

Have any of you girls (or guys) ever wanted to try wearing eyeshadows other than the neutral colors most of us tend to wear? I personally know i have. My problem is, and hopefully y’all can relate, I have no idea what colors would look good and compliment my face make up and eyes. Everyone has a time when they wanna try different colored eyeshadows but no one wants t look like that 80 year old grandma with bright blue yeyshadow bright red lips and a cheetah suit. am i right? Well imma go through 3 of the most common eye colors and let you know good starter colors.

Brown Eyes-

For you brown-eyed beauties, your best color bet would be to try some tans/ beiges/ light browns, copper colors, dark browns, lilac shades sky blues, and even some light shimmery blue colors. Now Lilacs and blues aren’t exactly ones go to color for everyday make up am i right? Well id be more open minded if i were you. By adding the lilacs and blues with browns and coppers, you give the perfect pop of color to your lids to intensify for natural eye color. You can apply a lilac shade all over the lid while adding a brown shadow to the crease to darken it a bit as well as the outer corner to sort of frame the lilac. What you would do next is add a very light almost iridescent blue to the brow bone and inner corner of your eye to as a highlight to your brow and to bring more light to your eye make up. touch the colors up to your liking, add your everyday liner and mascara and BAM!! Instant beauty! The slight color changes in your eyeshadow looks will instantly intensify for overall make up look.

Blue Eyes-

For you girls, colors you can test out are oranges, shimmery champagnes, light browns, royal blues, grey blues, greys, and sea blues. Basically you’d do the same thing as i said for the brown eyes, just with these colors instead

Green Eyes-

Colors most beneficial for you girls are Lime greens, Minty Greens, Dulled down Greens, light shimmery pinks, Watermelon pinks, and burgundy colors. Again do the same thing i said for brown yes but with these colors.

Alright before i stop i just want to say, that I’ve only listed 6 or 7 shadow colors to try for the 3 eye colors, there are always more out there and your welcome to experiment with other colors, the shadows i listed are ones I’ve read over and over again that have been the most appealing for those eye color.

Till Next time!!! BYE


Big Announcment!!!

Okay so i been thinking about my blog lately, and ive come to the conclusion that i would like to switch my dynamic on things.

I feel like my posts on music artists are not the…. how do i say it….. most appropriate they could be. I know that i can get way too into my feelingswhen i start to right about them. they can start of great and full of facts but then somewhere on the way I end up turning it into a full on RANT!!!

sooooo i will from here on out be blogging on a new subject.

Its gonna be a surprise so youll all find out in my next post 😛


K Camp: Cut her off.

Kristopher Campbell. Or going by his stage name K-Camp.

Not much to say bout to to be honest with you, started preforming in high school  as part of a group him and his friends made calling themselves HBC. After the group split he took his singing more seriously than the rest and eventually signed a record deal with Interscope Records.

Didn’t really find anything too interesting bout his background other than that. Im sure if y’all wanted to know more about him y’all could do a better search than i did. But i didn’t really think it was too important right now.

Anyway so one of his hit songs, Cut her off featuring 2Chains released in 2013, showed up on Billboard Hot 100 at #60.

In 2014 , “Cut her off”(remix) got nominated for both “Track of the Year” and “Best Club Banger” but won neither.

Although i do like the song personally, i do know it doesn’t appeal to everyone out there.

Usually when i ask my friends why they didn’t like that particular song of his, they basically all said the same thing.

‘Haven’t you watched the music video?’

truth be told i hadn’t, Im not really into watching music videos.  But in order for me to understand why they didn’t like it i decided to watch it anyway.

Let me tell you its got to be one of the least appealing rap music videos out there. Throughout the whole music video theres different girls standing next to K Camp silently screaming and looking dumb as S-word waving their arms and stomping their feet.

Like for what? What is so tragic y’all had to stomp your feet like a damn child?

I know they get paid to do it but honestly? If i was K Camp id be embarrassed to have those woman , while gorgeous, looking like f-wording idiots anywhere in my music video.

like i know the point of the song is to ” get rid of an annoying girlfriend’ or whatever, but this just… this just is not appealing, Like for me personally i don’t wanna listen to this song and imagine those girls acting foolish.

Oh well too late to change anything right? right.  Y’all can watch the music video yourselves. See what i mean.


Lorde: get out..just.. go.. 😒

Okay….. so Lorde was originally discovered by her record company at the age of 12. She sang in her schools talent show and her record company got a hold of it. But lets  be completely honest right now. How many of you already knew that she was discovered in 2008? Not many of you I’m guessing. I bet none of you knew or heard about her until at least 2012 or 2013. Am i right? So technically she hasn’t really been in the business for that long.

Not gonna lie….. i hate her… she’s completely overrated in my opinion.

Her music makes absolutely no sense to me, in some songs she sings about how shitty being poor is, and then she goes and sings about how awful it is to be wealthy.

Her Lyrics = No Sense

Not only is her singing bad, but she’s starting to diss other celebs that have been “in the game” a hell of a lot longer than she has. I can name at least 13 of those celebs. you ready for it? No? too bad here it is.

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez

One Direction (all five included)

Miley Cyrus

DJ David Guetta

Lana Del Rey


Nicki Minaj

and Drake

I don’t get how she’s been able to diss all these amazingly loved celebs and get away with it!! She dissing people who at least have a few more years on her, that have a bigger fan base than herself. Like Taylor Swift has been at this since  about 2006 i mean i don’t generally like Swift at the best of times but id still always take her side rather than someone who’s basically JUST STARTED NOT ONLY 2 TO 3 YEARS AGO. Justin Bieber started getting noticed around 2007-2008 , still a few years more than Lorde. Miley Cyrus  started her career in 2004…. so on and so forth

My point is Lorde is basically irrelevant compared to all those amazing artists. I gets me so mad she gets away with that.

ready for this?

“One Direction are pretty overrated and their music isn’t really good. I find it odd they’re famous.”

…. She finds it odd that they’re famous….? what else? she finds it odd planes fly? if anything she’s the one being completely overrated and is just completely irrelevant. One Direction has a ridiculously huge fan base.

okay I can’t write about this anymore…. too much for me.

you can read what else she writes by either watching the video or clicking the link to the article version of it.

Peace 😛


Heres the link 

I hate her…..

Nicki Minaj: F-word your opinion on her 😒

Alright so I’ve rewritten this same post at least 3 times -.- but whatever okay Nicki Minaj…. absolutely love herrrr. I dont get why theres a lot of people out there who hate her.

Like honestly whats NOT to love about her?
Granted some of her songs may not always be the… uh.. smartest.. but that shouldn’t matter. She makes people happy with her music. Isnt that what matters?

I love how she sings. I love how she looks. I love how she talks. I love everything about her. And i really don’t understand what people find so wrong about her.

Some of you may be reading this and completely disagreeing with me… wanna know how i feel about your opinion on what i write about Nicki?

i feel NOTHING about your opinion in this . Wanna know why?
Its MY blog and ill blog what I WANT to.
I got more to say bout her but… like ive said ive rewritten this 3 times already ill write more in a new post.

Melanie Martinez

Helloooooo lovely somethings!!

Alrightyyy so… Melanie Martinez…

Melanie is 19 years old with amazing talent. She is and american singer, songwriter, and a photographer, from Baldwin, NY. She was part of the show the Voice in the third season singing on Adam’s team. For her blind audition on the Voice she sang Toxic by Britney Spears and 3 out of the 4 chairs turned for her. I absolutely love her

My all time favorite song by her? CAROUSEL.

Her song carousel is used in the FX tv series American Horror Story season 4 Freak SHow. Which by the way is my absolute addiction. Buttttt thats a whole other story so lets not get into that .But yeah i love her voice and i love her style of music. her song carousel goes perfectly which Freak Show. Like it totally sets the mood for this season in AHS.

If you’ve heard of her you might know 2 of her most commonly know songs, Dollhouse and Carousel. To be completely honest all though i love her, and i do love her, i really only listen to those two songs. But i do suggest you guys check out some of her other songs.

welllll i am doneeeeee BYEEEE

P.S. i was actually in a semi decent mood so no ranting this time


Ariana Grande:Stay the F-word out

This post dont even deserve an introduction.
To be completely honest,  i seriously cannot, and i repeat CANNOT stand her. Like honestly.  I dont really have any words to express my hate for her shes so F-wording ridiculous!  I cant F-wording stand it.
She started on Nick(which is officially forever ruined by the bullS-word they have now) as an actress at an arts school as a ditzy donkeybutt dyed red idiot on the show Victorious. Who might i add never really sang on the show. And then BAM!! shes comes out saying shes a F-wording singer… like no you dumb dog!! You will forever be the F-wording idiot with the fake squeaky A-word voice you try so hard to use to make yourself seem innocent and try to use while you sing. Like STFU your dumb go away no one wants to hear a dog sing. Like Shut Up Bruh.
I cant even finish this right now just thinking of her makes me sick. Gets my pissed the F-word off.