Don’T CaRe He’S GrEat!!

Alrightyyyy moving on to good news…
Time to start posting something nice.
Shout out to my all time favorite person. …
I don’t care how many people say hes fake or that his music id old. I love him unconditionally! ! So what if his songs are 5 or 8 years old? They still amazing. Like on some real shit his song Blowing me kisses is my all time go to song whenever I feel pissed,  moody, down, and shit even happy as hell!! I know all his songs by heart.
Lyric for lyric.
Word for word.
Beat for beat.
Is that weird? And bruhhh his tattoos are on point thoughhhh!!! And his voice? Lovinggggg ittttt!!  Imma keep it 100 with all of ya. Imma be singing all his songs on my death bed… like im seriously devoted to himmm. So like comment and let me know what you think of him or… what you think of my crazy obsession with him lmao im weird af man…
Adiós Amigos! !!😂😂


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