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 Hellooooo all you beautiful readers!, Alrighty so for those of you that read my last post, your about to find out my new blogging topic.

Are you ready?

Drumroll pleaseeeeee…


everything from new fashion trends to filling in your eyebrows.

Imma try to fin every little thing i know into this. I plan on doing something like this for a living so pleaseeee if you guys can comment below and let me know what you guys think. Im open to any advice that will help me improve. Hoepfully this will be a learning experience for both of us. Okay well onto the actual blog update.

Have any of you girls (or guys) ever wanted to try wearing eyeshadows other than the neutral colors most of us tend to wear? I personally know i have. My problem is, and hopefully y’all can relate, I have no idea what colors would look good and compliment my face make up and eyes. Everyone has a time when they wanna try different colored eyeshadows but no one wants t look like that 80 year old grandma with bright blue yeyshadow bright red lips and a cheetah suit. am i right? Well imma go through 3 of the most common eye colors and let you know good starter colors.

Brown Eyes-

For you brown-eyed beauties, your best color bet would be to try some tans/ beiges/ light browns, copper colors, dark browns, lilac shades sky blues, and even some light shimmery blue colors. Now Lilacs and blues aren’t exactly ones go to color for everyday make up am i right? Well id be more open minded if i were you. By adding the lilacs and blues with browns and coppers, you give the perfect pop of color to your lids to intensify for natural eye color. You can apply a lilac shade all over the lid while adding a brown shadow to the crease to darken it a bit as well as the outer corner to sort of frame the lilac. What you would do next is add a very light almost iridescent blue to the brow bone and inner corner of your eye to as a highlight to your brow and to bring more light to your eye make up. touch the colors up to your liking, add your everyday liner and mascara and BAM!! Instant beauty! The slight color changes in your eyeshadow looks will instantly intensify for overall make up look.

Blue Eyes-

For you girls, colors you can test out are oranges, shimmery champagnes, light browns, royal blues, grey blues, greys, and sea blues. Basically you’d do the same thing as i said for the brown eyes, just with these colors instead

Green Eyes-

Colors most beneficial for you girls are Lime greens, Minty Greens, Dulled down Greens, light shimmery pinks, Watermelon pinks, and burgundy colors. Again do the same thing i said for brown yes but with these colors.

Alright before i stop i just want to say, that I’ve only listed 6 or 7 shadow colors to try for the 3 eye colors, there are always more out there and your welcome to experiment with other colors, the shadows i listed are ones I’ve read over and over again that have been the most appealing for those eye color.

Till Next time!!! BYE


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