Ariana Grande:Stay the F-word out

This post dont even deserve an introduction.
To be completely honest,  i seriously cannot, and i repeat CANNOT stand her. Like honestly.  I dont really have any words to express my hate for her shes so F-wording ridiculous!  I cant F-wording stand it.
She started on Nick(which is officially forever ruined by the bullS-word they have now) as an actress at an arts school as a ditzy donkeybutt dyed red idiot on the show Victorious. Who might i add never really sang on the show. And then BAM!! shes comes out saying shes a F-wording singer… like no you dumb dog!! You will forever be the F-wording idiot with the fake squeaky A-word voice you try so hard to use to make yourself seem innocent and try to use while you sing. Like STFU your dumb go away no one wants to hear a dog sing. Like Shut Up Bruh.
I cant even finish this right now just thinking of her makes me sick. Gets my pissed the F-word off.


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