Lorde: get out..just.. go.. 😒

Okay….. so Lorde was originally discovered by her record company at the age of 12. She sang in her schools talent show and her record company got a hold of it. But lets  be completely honest right now. How many of you already knew that she was discovered in 2008? Not many of you I’m guessing. I bet none of you knew or heard about her until at least 2012 or 2013. Am i right? So technically she hasn’t really been in the business for that long.

Not gonna lie….. i hate her… she’s completely overrated in my opinion.

Her music makes absolutely no sense to me, in some songs she sings about how shitty being poor is, and then she goes and sings about how awful it is to be wealthy.

Her Lyrics = No Sense

Not only is her singing bad, but she’s starting to diss other celebs that have been “in the game” a hell of a lot longer than she has. I can name at least 13 of those celebs. you ready for it? No? too bad here it is.

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez

One Direction (all five included)

Miley Cyrus

DJ David Guetta

Lana Del Rey


Nicki Minaj

and Drake

I don’t get how she’s been able to diss all these amazingly loved celebs and get away with it!! She dissing people who at least have a few more years on her, that have a bigger fan base than herself. Like Taylor Swift has been at this since  about 2006 i mean i don’t generally like Swift at the best of times but id still always take her side rather than someone who’s basically JUST STARTED NOT ONLY 2 TO 3 YEARS AGO. Justin Bieber started getting noticed around 2007-2008 , still a few years more than Lorde. Miley Cyrus  started her career in 2004…. so on and so forth

My point is Lorde is basically irrelevant compared to all those amazing artists. I gets me so mad she gets away with that.

ready for this?

“One Direction are pretty overrated and their music isn’t really good. I find it odd they’re famous.”

…. She finds it odd that they’re famous….? what else? she finds it odd planes fly? if anything she’s the one being completely overrated and is just completely irrelevant. One Direction has a ridiculously huge fan base.

okay I can’t write about this anymore…. too much for me.

you can read what else she writes by either watching the video or clicking the link to the article version of it.

Peace 😛


Heres the link 

I hate her…..



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