K Camp: Cut her off.

Kristopher Campbell. Or going by his stage name K-Camp.

Not much to say bout to to be honest with you, started preforming in high school  as part of a group him and his friends made calling themselves HBC. After the group split he took his singing more seriously than the rest and eventually signed a record deal with Interscope Records.

Didn’t really find anything too interesting bout his background other than that. Im sure if y’all wanted to know more about him y’all could do a better search than i did. But i didn’t really think it was too important right now.

Anyway so one of his hit songs, Cut her off featuring 2Chains released in 2013, showed up on Billboard Hot 100 at #60.

In 2014 , “Cut her off”(remix) got nominated for both “Track of the Year” and “Best Club Banger” but won neither.

Although i do like the song personally, i do know it doesn’t appeal to everyone out there.

Usually when i ask my friends why they didn’t like that particular song of his, they basically all said the same thing.

‘Haven’t you watched the music video?’

truth be told i hadn’t, Im not really into watching music videos.  But in order for me to understand why they didn’t like it i decided to watch it anyway.

Let me tell you its got to be one of the least appealing rap music videos out there. Throughout the whole music video theres different girls standing next to K Camp silently screaming and looking dumb as S-word waving their arms and stomping their feet.

Like for what? What is so tragic y’all had to stomp your feet like a damn child?

I know they get paid to do it but honestly? If i was K Camp id be embarrassed to have those woman , while gorgeous, looking like f-wording idiots anywhere in my music video.

like i know the point of the song is to ” get rid of an annoying girlfriend’ or whatever, but this just… this just is not appealing, Like for me personally i don’t wanna listen to this song and imagine those girls acting foolish.

Oh well too late to change anything right? right.  Y’all can watch the music video yourselves. See what i mean.



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