Drake: Too emotional? Or Just inspirational? Part 1

Drake: too emotional? or just inspiring?

People say Drake can be extremely emotional when it comes to his music. They say “He’s too soft.” or “Why he acting like a girl?” or even “He don’t know sh*t, He can’t rap for sh*t neither!”. I say  anyone that are bad mouthing him are plain dumb. Yeah he might get emotional she he sings. But guess what? THAT JUST MEANS HE CARES!! It means he cares about what he does. He cares bout personalizing his music so his fans can connect with him. so yeah maybe he is too emotional, but he’s inspirational just same. 

Stick around for part 2 on Drake. 

“People will wish you all the success in the world, and then hate you when you get it.”




  1. If you’re not emotional about the art you make, then it is meaningless. More props to him for expressing himself!


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