Iggy Azalea.


Do not even get me started on this idiot! Dear god in heaven have mercy on her soul! the fakeness is uncontrollably real when it comes to her. i don’t understand why people even like her. Like honestly, she can’t rap, she’s been trying to take somebody else’s style, she sounds horrible live, she can be trashy when performing live, and once again…. SHE CAN NOT RAP TO SAVE HER F-WORDING LIFE!! Her raps don’t even make sense or have any type of meaning to them.

Like i know that some ACTUAL rappers don’t really make sense while rapper either, but once you read the lyrics to their songs, although it might not seem like it, most of them have a lot of feeling in them. They make more and more sense the more you read and listen to their music. However…. HER SONGS DO NOT!!!! Ive read and re-read her songs quite a few times and she still sounds dumb. theres nothing there. like she’s just singing words no real reasoning behind it. it pisses me off sooooo f-wording bad. Like bruh… she might possibly be worse than 2 Chains -.-

By the way if any of you reading this actually happen to like her and her music. I’m sorry I’m just being real with you. i don’t like her she’s fake. end of story. Anyway thats a wrap on this train wreck.

Adios a todo el mundo! 🙂 Till next time :*



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