Nicki Minaj: F-word your opinion on her 😒

Alright so I’ve rewritten this same post at least 3 times -.- but whatever okay Nicki Minaj…. absolutely love herrrr. I dont get why theres a lot of people out there who hate her.

Like honestly whats NOT to love about her?
Granted some of her songs may not always be the… uh.. smartest.. but that shouldn’t matter. She makes people happy with her music. Isnt that what matters?

I love how she sings. I love how she looks. I love how she talks. I love everything about her. And i really don’t understand what people find so wrong about her.

Some of you may be reading this and completely disagreeing with me… wanna know how i feel about your opinion on what i write about Nicki?

i feel NOTHING about your opinion in this . Wanna know why?
Its MY blog and ill blog what I WANT to.
I got more to say bout her but… like ive said ive rewritten this 3 times already ill write more in a new post.


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