French Montana: WTAF? -.-

Hola a todos!!

alrighty on to the next one.

two words….



following that 4 more words..

what…. the…. actual… ‘F’ word?!?!

Like bruh… Your too old or at least you look too old. Like  your 29!!! Not even 30 yet you like like your in your 40’s. Cant you at least TRY to look your actual age?? Honestly.. Khloe… what are you thinking? you can do sooo much better than a 49 looking 29 year old guy who spends his time singing about irrelevant stuff. -.-

Let me be 100 with you guys tho.. on some real sh*t, i do listen to some of his songs cause well they are good enough to get turnt up to but my opinion still stand. like i don’t like him but i don’t hate him either. its like a mutual  feeling for him. i can tolerate him at the very least. Its just.. its just too much bruh…

alrighty well done with his topic. stay tuned for the next post. gonna be posting bout everyones favorite singer!! thats right you guessed it… JUSTIN BIEBER!! -.- just wait till you see my reasoning behind it.

Hasta que todos Bye proxima vex!! 😉



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